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MicroPD Modules Constructed with Evidence & Research-Based Practices

The ORSN team works closely with research faculty within the University of Oregon's College of Education in addition to experts in the field who are current educational leaders and practitioners. They help us develop evidence and research-based content for what we call 'microPDs' or micro-professional development video modules. 

Some examples of our expert research faculty partners at the UO COE include:

  • Dr. Jeff Todahl, Associate Professor, Couples and Family Therapy Program Director, Counseling Psychology, Couples and Family Therapy, Family and Human Services and Prevention Science

  • Dr. Chris Knowles, Research Associate, Applied Behavior Analysis, College of Education, Curriculum & Teaching and Special Education

  • Judy Newman, Senior Advisor, Early Childhood Cares, University of Oregon

Our microPDs are built to be easy to follow, short and concentrated on one specific skill or strategy. We purposefully use simple animations to ensure that the learning target comes across easily and quickly. We aim for our microPDs to cut down on the time and complexity usually involved when adopting and training staff on new evidence and research-based practices.

In this way, ORSN's approach to Professional Development is a novel method in getting current expert research into the hands of schools easily and in a versatile and adaptable fashion.

Modes of Professional Development & Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

ORSN's flexible online platform supports a number of modes of professional development and PLC delivery. The following modes of training and professional development are currently available:

  • Train-the-Trainer: With the help of ORSN's team, a district or school champion will develop the training delivery method and schedules while using ORSNs evidence and research-based content. District and school leadership have access microPD videos, agendas, resource guides and additional questions to guide learning.  Click HERE for more information about our Train-the-trainer opportunities!
  • Virtual and/or In-Person Professional Learning Communities (PLCs): If your district does not have the capacity to run ongoing Professional Development and / or PLC training for your school staff, please reach out to HERE to inquire about the availability of our team to support your PD needs.
  • Substitute Teacher Essentials Certificate Program: A fully asynchronous essentials certificate program. ORSN will work with leadership to determine the modules to be included in a customized certificate program. On average, certificate completion will take 6-8 hours and reports are sent to the identified district staff. This is a great way to ensure that new unlicensed guest teachers have the basic fundamentals to work with your districts' students. Click HERE for more information on this new program.
  • Classified Staff Essentials Certificate Program: Similar to our Substitute Teacher Essentials Certificate program, this fully asynchronous 6-8 hour program is for new classified staff - this can include instructional assistants who work with students, cafeteria staff, custodial staff and bus drivers! ORSN recommends this certificate program for newly hired classified staff. Customization of the learning track is possible based on the needs of the staff. Click HERE for more information on this new program.
ORSN K12 Teacher Classified Staff Professional Development - University of Oregon College of Education HEDCO Building Bus Driver

If you are interested in connecting with our team to discuss a partnership with ORSN, please fill out our interest form HERE, or send us a message HERE. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.